Scooping Turtles Game

This is a game to scoop turtles made of milk carton and plastic bottle cap.


Japanese page : Scooping Turtles Game

We use water, so check the place if you can play with the water before playing.

You should play outside.

It doesn’t cost much, so it’s suitable for summer festivals for young children at kindergartens or nursery schools.



Make turtles with plastic bottle cap.

Please see “How to make a turtle from a plastic bottle cap“.

Pour water in a pool.

It’s better to put a blue sheet on the floor when you play inside.

After you poured water in the pool, put turtles in.


How to play and the rules

Scoop the turtles with a plastic spoon and put them into a plate.

Things we use

turtles made of milk carton and plastic bottle cap, plastic spoons, plates, a pool, a blue sheet, water