Plastic Drink Bottle Quoits

This is a game to throw rings made of newspaper to plastic drink bottles.

Plastic Bottle Quoit-c

Japanese page : Plastic Drink Bottle Quoits

Preparations and how to make materials

Make some pins with some plastic drink bottles.

Drop paint, then pour water into the bottles.

Put a lid on and shake it well.

Next, you prepare the rings.

Roll newspaper to a stick.

Twist hard.

Stick both ends with packing tape.

Set the bottles.

Put the curing tape on the floor and make a line to throw rings.

Plastic Bottle Quoit-c2

Start the Game

Throw rings to the bottles.

Judge by the number of the rings you could put into the bottles. You can get a point or a prize.

Know-how and the Points

You can make a rule that when you get the near bottle, it’ll be low points and the far ones will be high points.

It you use many colors to drop in the bottles, it’ll be colorful and good.

Things we use

six 500ml plastic drink bottles, newspapers, packing tape, curing tape