Kick Slippers into Basket Game

This is a game that you kick away some slippers to a basket.


Japanese page : Kick Slippers into Basket Game


Prepare some slippers and a basket like laundry basket.

Decide a line to kick the slippers and put a curing tape on the floor.

Start the game

Put a slipper on your foot and kick it away to the basket.

When the slippers got into the basket, you can get a point or a prize.

Know-how and the points

There are other ways to play.

1. Prepare some cardboard boxes and write points like “10 points”, “20 points”, and “30 points” to them and compete the points you get.

2. Draw a circle on the floor and when the slippers got into the circle, you can get a point.

3. You can use a cardboard box as a soccer goal and play like the penalty kick.

Things we use

slippers, a basket, curing tape