Catch the Tail

It is a kind of Tag that a young children can play.


Japanese page : Catch the Tail

How to play and the rules.

1.Prepare red and white tapes.

2.Cut them to 50cm each.

3.Make two teams, red and white.

Start the Game.

4.Take the opponent team’s tails.

5.A child who has been taken the tail has to go back to his team’s area and sit.

6.As much as you take the tail within a time limit, will be the winner team.

Know-how and the Points

It will be fun if you prepare spare tails in your area and if you had been taken the tail, you can put the spare and you can revive.

Instead of using the tape, you can use a towel, handkerchief, or a newspaper that is cut long and narrow.

  1. Lingo Field より:

    Thanks for this wonderful site.
    Some students at junior high in my area have just played this game today.