Handcart Race

This is a race doing the handcart.

Handcart Race-c

Japanese page : Handcart Race

How to play and the rules

Decide both, the starting point and the goal.

Make pairs.

Be in the handcart position and wait at the starting point.

The front child puts hands on the floor and stretch his body.

The child in the back holds the front child’s both ankles at his waist.

Start the game

Start the game with the cue of the leader.

The front child goes forward with his arms.

Compete with other pairs and the first pair got the goal is the winner.

Know-how and the points

When the child in the back pushes the front child too hard, he will fall.

The child in the back should see the front child’s movement carefully and go.

You can do the relay by making several teams.