Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs-c1

Japanese page : Musical Chairs

How to play and the rules

Prepare chairs with the number that is one less than the children who plays.

Put the chairs in circle facing outside.

A leader puts on music. Children will walk around the chairs while the music is on.

Musical Chairs-c2

When the leader stops the music, all the children will find a chair and sit.

Musical Chairs-c3

A child who couldn’t sit is the loser.

He has to go out of the game.

Reduce one chair and start again.

Continue this and the child who could sit in the last chair is the winner.

Know-how and the Points

There is another way that instead of a music, everybody sings a song and sit when the leader blows a whistle.

Be careful not to sit too vigorously and bump and get hurt.

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