Ping-Pong Cup in Game

This is a game that you throw ping-pong balls into paper cups.


Japanese page : Ping-Pong Cup in Game


Prepare some paper cups that are different colors. Put them in to a cardboard box and put it on the floor.

Decide the points of the colors of the cups.

Decide the line that you throw the balls and put curing tape on the floor.

How to play and the rules

Throw the ball three times and you can get a prize by the total points you got.

You can bounce the balls.

Know-how and the points

When you use glasses instead of paper cups, the sound is nice when the balls hit the glasses or when they got in.

If you think the glasses are dangerous, it’s better to use a plastic one or a paper one.

You can write points to the paper cups.

Decide how many times you throw and the points as you like.

Things we use

Cups, ping-pong balls, a cardboard box

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    Interesante Ratoncita. Bueno el Ping pong de vasos de papel.