The Martian Attack Game

This is a game to shoot the target and drop them with an air gun.

The Martian Attack Game01

Japanese page : The Martian Attack Game

“There are Martian attacks! Can we save the earth!?”

Things to prepare and how to make materials


Make an air gun with a cardboard box. (Please see “How to make an air gun with a cardboard box“)


Make the Martians. They are same as the octopus made of toilet paper tube.(Please see “How to make an octopus from a toilet paper tube” )

Put the Martians on the tissue boxes. The tissue boxes are the space ships.

The Martian Attack Game05

Put a stick to the space ship. The stick can be made of cardboard.

Pull the stick slowly.

The Martian Attack Game02

How to play and the rules

The Martians will appear from one side of the wall. The walls are made of cardboard.

The Martian Attack Game03

Move the air gun right and left to shoot the Martians.

The Martian Attack Game04

Hit the cardboard box and shoot.

The Martian Attack Game02

If you can shoot and drop all the Martians before they disappear to the other side, that’ll be “Cleared”.

Things we use

Martians made of toilet paper tube, an air gun made of cardboard box, tissue boxes, a string, long tables