Can Fishing

This is a game to fish cans with a chopstick rod.

Can Fishing-c1

Japanese page : Can Fishing


Make a rod.

Prepare a chopstick and kite string.

We need 50cm kite string for one rod.

Cut a chopstick 3cm from the edge. The longer one will be the rod and the shorter one will be the food.

Can Fishing-c3

Tie the kite string to the edge of the longer chopstick.

Tie the shorter chopstick to the end of the kite string.

Stand some empty cans.

Can Fishing-c2

Start the Game

Put the food into the mouth of a can and hook it up.

Compete how many cans you can fish in a limited time.

Can Fishing-c1

Know-how and the Points

It’ll be fun if you write points like “10 points” or “20 points” to the back of the can and make it the score game.

Things we use

empty cans, kite string, a chopstick, scissors, a timer