Three Shell Game

This is a game that you guess where a ball is under some cups.


Japanese page : Three Shell Game

Preparations and how to make materials

Prepare red, blue, and yellow origami. Crumple them up into small balls.

Prepare three paper cups and put them upside down on the balls and hide them.

How to play and the rules

Move the paper cups from side to side quickly and shuffle them.


Then, stop to shuffle and ask “Where is the red ball?”

It doesn’t have to be red. You can ask which ever color you like.

When the player is right, give a point or a prize.

Know-how and the points

You can add the balls and cups and make it more difficult.

When the player is very young, you can only use one ball and let the child guess where the ball is.

Things we use

Origami, paper cups, a desk