Beanbag Throwing Game

This is a game to throw beanbags to a target.

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Japanese page : Beanbag Throwing Game

Things to prepare and how to make materials

Prepare beanbags.

The beanbag is a toy that many beans or rice are in a small cloth bag.

The standard way to play with it is to hold some at the same time and throw them and catch them not to drop.

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Make a target.

Draw many circles to a large paper like the picture above.

Write points.

Put the target sheet on the floor and stick it with curing tape.

Decide the line to throw the beanbags and put curing tape to the line.

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How to play and the rules

Throw the beanbags to the target.

Your point will be the total of the number that the beanbags landed.
You can get a prize by the points you get.

Know-how and the Points

If you use balls, they will roll over and you have to go and get them. So, using the beanbags is much easier.

Things we use

sticky tape, large paper, magic marker, curing tape