Plastic Drink Bottle Bowling

This game is easy to prepare and popular at events.

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How to play and the rules

Put some water in the plastic drink bottle because it is too light when it is empty.

Set six bottles in inverted triangle.

Put the curing tape on the floor and make a line to throw a ball.

Throw the ball twice and the total that fell will be your point. Or you can get a prize.

If you want to do it in real, you can set ten bottles.

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Know-how and the Points

Try several times and control the quantity of the water in the bottles.

It takes time to set the bottles.

If you make a stand to set the bottles with carton boxes, the game will go on smoothly.

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To prevent from the balls to roll too far, you better set a wall with carton boxes.

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It’ll be gorgeous when you decorate with colored tapes.

Things we use

six (or ten) big plastic drink bottles, a big ball, curing tape.