Janken Tournament

It is good to play this game on occasions like giving a prize on events.


Japanese page : Janken Tournament

How to play and the rules

1.A leader comes in front of all the children.

Start the Game

2.The leader versus all the children does the Janken.

See information of “Janken”

3.The child who lost and the same shape with the leader will sit.

The leader doesn’t lose.

For example, if the leader’s shape was scissors, the child whose shape was paper or scissors will sit. And the child whose shape was stone is the winner and will stay standing.

4.The winner can do the next Janken.

Repeat this way until there is one child left.

5.The last child is the champion and gets the prize.

Know-how and the Points

If you want to play the game slowly, you can change the rule to; only the child who has lost the Janken will sit. That means, the same shape with the leader doesn’t have to sit.