Anything Goes Basket

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Japanese page : Anything Goes Basket

How to play and the rules

Prepare chairs with the number that is one less than the children who plays.

Put the chairs in circle facing inside.

Decide one “It” and he stands in the center of the chairs.

All the children sits.

Start the Game

The “It” can say anything.

Anything Goes Basket-c2

For example. “Person who ate bread this morning.” “Person who is in the first grade.”

Anything Goes Basket-c3

Children who are what the “It” said, stands and find a new chair.

You cannot sit on the chair which you sat, or both sides.

“It” also finds a chair and sits.

Anything Goes Basket-c4

The person who couldn’t sit will be the next “It”.

Anything Goes Basket-c5

When “It” announces “Anything Goes Basket!”, everybody has to stand up and find a new chair.

Anything Goes Basket-c6

Continue playing.

Know-how and the Points

The “It” should announce loudly.

When “It ” couldn’t think what to say, the leader can help him.