Janken Basket

This is the game based on the Fruit Basket, adding the Janken.

Janken Basketc1

Japanese page : Janken Basket

How to play and the rules

See information of “Janken”

Prepare chairs with the number that is one less than the children who plays.

Put the chairs in circle facing inside.

The “It” stands in the center of the circle.

All the children sits.

Janken Basketc2

Start the Game

The “It” and all the children will do the Janken.

Janken Basketc3

The children who lost will stand up and find a new chair.

You cannot sit on the chair which you sat, or both sides.

The “It” also finds a chair and sits.

Janken Basketc4

The person who couldn’t sit will be the next “It”.

When nobody loose by the Janken, all the children have to stand and find a new chair.

Know-how and the Points

The “It” should raise his hand up high so everybody can see.