Catching Finger

Hold the finger of the person next to you. But do not be held. So you have to think two things at once in this game.


Japanese page : Catching Finger

How to play and the rules

1.Make a circle, facing inside.


2.Put up your right index finger.

Make a circle with your left thumb and left index finger.

Put your index finger into the finger circle of the next person on your right side.


Start the Game.

3.Leader says, “Ca, ca, ca.”


4.When the leader says “Catch!” you have to put out your right index finger and hold tight the left hand circle to catch the next person’s finger.

When your finger is caught, you lose.

Know-how and the Points

Leader can make a feint and say “cat”, or “candy” and confuse your friends.

We don’t have to prepare things and we can play for an instant.