“Get the Shoe!” Tag

This is a kind of a tag that when you were touched by “It”, he will get your shoe.

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Japanese page : “Get the Shoe!” Tag

How to play and the rules

get the shoe tag-01
1. Draw a 50cm wide big circle road on the ground.

Then draw a 50cm wide cross road in the circle road.

The “It” can move only the cross road.

The children can move both cross and circle roads.

Start the game

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2. The “It” moves the cross road and touch the children.

The children seize an opportunity and run the cross road.

The children will compete how many times you can run the cross road.

get the shoe tag-03
3. When you were touched by “It”, he gets your shoe.

The “It” puts the shoe in the center of the cross road.

A child who was taken the shoe has to hop on one foot.

get the shoe tag-04
4. A child who was touched by the “It” twice will be “It”.

So, the child will be the “It” and the “It” will be a child.

Continue this.


When you get back the shoe, you can walk with both legs.

The other child can get back your shoe.