The Injury Tag

This is a game to hold the part you’ve been touched and play tag.

The Injury Tag-06

Japanese page : The Injury Tag

How to play and the rules

1. The basic rule is same as tag .

The Injury Tag-01
Choose one “It”.

The other kids will be “children”.

The Injury Tag-02
2. The “It” chases the children.

The children run away from the “It”.

The Injury Tag-03
3. When the “It ” catches up with a child, he touches her.

Then, switch the “It” and the “child”.

The Injury Tag-04
4. The part you’ve been touched will be your wound.

The “It” holds the wound and chases the children.

The Injury Tag-05
5. If you were touched at your back, you hold there.

If you were touched at your leg, you have to hold your leg and chase.

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