Hide and Seek

This is a game that “It” looks for the hiding children.

hide and seek01

Japanese page : Hide and Seek

How to play and the rules

1.Decide one “It”.

The “It” counts to ten slowly.

Children will find a place to hide.

hide and seek02

2.After the “It” counted to 10, he announces to children “Are you ready?”

If the children havn’t hidden yet, they announce “Not yet!”

hide and seek03

3.After a while, the “It” announces “Are you ready?” again.

When the children had hid already, they say “I’m ready!”

hide and seek04

4.The “It” looks for children.

hide and seek05
5.When the “It” finds a hiding child, point to him and say “I found ○○!” and say his name.

When the “It” found everybody, the game ends.

The first child who was founded by the “It” will be the next “It” and continue the game.

Further information: In Japan, after counting to ten “It” will ask children if they are ready or not. So, there are no announcement like “Ready or not, here I come.”