How to make a turtle from a plastic bottle cap

You can make it easily by using a milk carton and a plastic bottle cap.

turtle-bottle-cap (2)

Japanese page : How to make a turtle from a plastic bottle cap

turtle-bottle-cap (3)

How to make it

Cut out one side of the milk carton. Then cut it in half.

turtle-bottle-cap (4)

Draw a circle to the carton with the cap.

Draw it bit lower that the center.

turtle-bottle-cap (5)

Draw the face and the tail of the turtle.

Draw the neck and tail bit long because you push it in the cap.

turtle-bottle-cap (6)

Draw arms and legs long too.

turtle-bottle-cap (7)

Cut along the line.

turtle-bottle-cap (8)

It’ll be like this picture above.

turtle-bottle-cap (10)

Put the turtle in the cap.

turtle-bottle-cap (10)

Push it in tightly.

turtle-bottle-cap (11)

Draw the face. Finished!

turtle-bottle-cap (12)

The turtle is made of the milk carton, so it is waterproof.

You can play with it in the bath.

turtle-bottle-cap (13)

Know-how and the points

When there is no ditch inside the cap, the milk carton turtle won’t come off easily.

So, the non-ditch cap is useful.

In the picture above, the left two caps don’t have the ditch, and the right two have.

turtle-bottle-cap (1)

Variety of the game

You can play “Scooping Turtles Game.” with a plastic spoon like the picture.

Please see “Scooping Turtles Game.”

Things we use

A plastic bottle cap, a milk carton, scissors, a pen