How to Make an Air Gun with a Plastic Bottle

This is a game using the air. The air bullet will burst out.


Japanese page : How to Make an Air Gun with a Plastic Bottle

Please watch the video.


Things we use

A 500ml plastic bottle, a big balloon, a plastic tape, a cutter, and scissors


How to make the toy

Cut off the bottom part of the plastic bottle.

Be careful, not to cut your fingers!


Cut off one-third of the balloon.


Cover the balloon to the bottom of the plastic bottle.


Stick the plastic tape to the bottle and the balloon firmly.


When you wrap the tape, the “Plastic Bottle Air Gun” is finished.


How to play

Hold the plastic bottle with one hand.

Pull the balloon with the other hand.


When you let go the balloon, the air will burst out vigorously.


You can play more

Let’s hit the target and play.

Please see “Conquest the Ghosts with an Air Gun Game

Now-how and the points

It is useful when you inflate the balloon and stretch the rubber before using it.

Cut the plastic bottle in clean cut face, or the balloon might burst.

After cutting off with the cutter, you better cut off the unnecessary part with scissors.

It’s better to drop the powder off the balloon and then, wrap the plastic tape.