Drawing Pictures Relay Game

This is a relay game that you draw a picture and show it to next child and repeat it.

Drawing Pictures Relay Game-c1

Japanese page : Drawing Pictures Relay Game

How to play and the rules

Make some teams.

One team comes in front and makes a line. The other team looks.

Give a sketch book and a magic pen to all the member of the team who plays.

Except the left-hand corner child, everybody faces back.

A leader shows a theme drawn on a sheet of paper to the left-hand corner child and audience.

Start the Game

Each child has to draw the picture in thirty seconds.

The leader tells when thirty seconds had passed.

The person who drew picture will pat the next child’s shoulder and shows his picture. (Better to show it to the audience too.)

You can’t explain about the picture you drew.

Drawing Pictures Relay Game-c2

The next child can look at the picture only for ten seconds. And then, starts to draw.

After thirty seconds had passed, show the picture to the next child.

Repeat this.

Drawing Pictures Relay Game-c3

When you get to the right-hand corner child, all the children opens their picture.

The leader asks each child what you drew. Start from the right-hand corner child.

Give points as the right answer’s numbers.

The team who got more points wins.

Know-how and the Points

The theme made of some words like “A cat doing a handstand” or “A lion jumping over a vaulting box” will be difficult and more fun.

Elaborate the theme by the age of player.

Write down many themes to the sketch book before starting the game.

Things we use

Magic pens, sketch books. The amount for the number of team member.