Fan the Balloon Game

This is a game to use fans and put balloons to the space of your competitor.

Fan the Balloon Game-c

Japanese page : Fan the Balloon Game

How to play and the rules

Make two teams.

Everybody gets a fan.

Draw a line on the floor in the middle of the room and divide the space.

Each team goes to their space.

Put five balloons on the line.

Fan the Balloon Game-c2

Start the Game

When the balloon comes to your space, fan it to the competitor’s space.

When 60 seconds had passed, a leader announces to stop.

The team who fanned more to the competitor’s space wins.

Know-how and the Points

It is easy to play in the small room that has walls.

The number of the balloon doesn’t have to be five.

Use curing tape or plastic tape.

Things we use

Balloons, fan, timer, tape