Carrying a Balloon Relay

This is a team game to carry a balloon by relay.

Carrying a Balloon Relay-c1

Japanese page : Carrying a Balloon Relay

How to play and the rules

Make two teams and each team makes two lines.

First, the top two children get the balloon.

Start the Game

The two children cooperate and carry the balloon to the turning point and come back.

When you come back to the beginning point, you give the balloon to the next two children and take turns.

If you drop the balloon, pick it up and start again from the children who dropped it.

Variation of the balloon carrying

Carrying a Balloon Relay-c2

Put your arms around each other’s shoulders and put the balloon between your heads and carry it.

Carrying a Balloon Relay-c3

Put a balloon between your stomachs and carry it without using your hands.

Carrying a Balloon Relay-c4

Put a balloon between two fans and carry it.

Carrying a Balloon Relay-c1

Four children hold the corner of a newspaper and carry the balloon not to drop.

Know-how and the Points

You can use a ball instead of a balloon.

Things we use

balloons, cones for the turning point