Turning Over Race

You turn over the Othello made with cardboard to your team colour.


Japanese page : Turning Over Race


1.Cut out the cardboards into 30cm in diameter circle.


2.Then, colour it one side white and the other black.

3.Put about 20 of those pieces on the ground leaving a suitable space.

How to play and the rules

4.Make two teams, white and black. And divide into two sides of the room.


Start the Game

5.The white team turns over the black piece to white.

The black team turns over the white piece to black.

6.Play it for 30 Seconds and stop.

7.Then, everybody goes back to their team area.

Count the pieces. The more you have is the winner team.

Know-how and the Points

Instead of black and white, you can draw anything, like moon and sun, rabbit and turtle and so on.

Be careful not to bump head each other.

Things we use

Cardboard, cutter, scissors and paints.