The”Ken, Ken, Pa!”Game

This is a game to repeat to hop and jump.

TheKen Ken Pa Game-c

Japanese page : Hopscotch with Newspapers The “Ken, Pa, Ken, Pa, Ken, Ken, Pa!”Game

Things to prepare

Twist newpapers.

Stick both ends with sticky tape and make a ring.

Make ten rings.

Put the rings one, two, one, two, one, one, two on the ground.

How to play and the rules

You say “Ken!” and hop into a ring.

You say “Pa!” and jump into next two rings.

At the last two rings, you jump turning around and land on the same two rings facing backwoods.

When you get to the starting point, you can finish the game.

Know-how and the Points

You can increase the rings and make it longer.

Things we use

newspapers, sticky tape